Tomorrow Comes Twice

Tomorrow Comes TwiceThe setting of this book is a dissolution of marriage between two judges. It is a must read novel for those thinking of divorce, in the process of divorce, or vicariously seeking to learn the pitfalls and dangers such litigation can bring. It is both fiction and reality. No other novel exposes the psychological aspects of divorce with such candor and simplicity as Tomorrow Comes Twice. More…

Divorce, Dissolution and the end of Relationships

Divorce, Dissolution and the end of RelationshipsMr. Anderson’s latest book is for the laymen thinking of a divorce (now called dissolution). The book details various subjects on the law including property division, parenting, child support, maintenance, retirement, committed intimate relationships, and generally how the dissolution process works in Washington. It is thorough, discusses pitfalls to be avoided and how to protect yourself. More…

The Poetry of Fart Logic

On a much lighter note, Wolfgang’s many years on the firing line of domestic disputes have given him an unusual insight into human behavior which has shaped his quirky brain into an unrecognizable mass enveloped by an endless amount of natural gas that is released from time to time through his poetry.