The Poetry of Fart Logic


On a much lighter note, Wolfgang’s many years on the firing line of domestic disputes have given him an unusual insight into human behavior which has shaped his quirky brain into an unrecognizable mass enveloped by an endless amount of natural gas that is released from time to time through his poetry.

Farting around (i.e., “Psycho Fartology”) is a common occurrence for nearly everyone. It’s what happens multiple times per day as one escapes from reality, like running from an unexpected, powerful flatulation. The duration is entirely dependent upon one’s surroundings and feeling of guilt or lack thereof.

“Dr. Wolfgang” has been designated as a SuperLawyer by his peers, although you’d never recognize it by reading THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC books, his Magnum Bogus. Order one or more Fart Logic books for your best friend, worst enemy, parent, teacher, or even a stranger to fulfill an unwanted or mandatory obligation (or when gift cards are too expensive).