CS [Toxic] Gas


CS [Toxic] Gas

THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC books (Barnyard Gas, “CS” [TOXIC] GAS, Elevator Gas, High Octane Gas, Laughing Gas, Legal Gas, Natural Gas, Nerve Gas, and Conflatulations to You) are the result of many years of practicing “ Psycho Fartology.” Dr. Wolfgang (German for the Latin Canis Lupis) has skillfully harnessed this science to produce these quirky, outrageously ridiculous passports for good mental health. They are guaranteed to be a cure for boredom, for killing time, and for expressing a thought not otherwise kosher or ethical.

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A Picture from the Past

A Sample Poem from THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC Book, “CS [Toxic] Gas” by Dr. Wolfgang…

I found a picture from my past today
It’s been haunting me day and night
I have no peace, I know not what to say
You were my love, you were so right

Our good times have come back to haunt my mind
What we once had has come back and reappeared
You were so perfect, so sweet and kind
Until with another you disappeared

I always regretted when you said good-bye
We were the victims of the wrong time and place
You split so fast, it left me wondering why
For all our memories I could never erase

Your picture is Cupid’s arrow in my mind
It pierced my thoughts, peace and tranquility
Another like you I’ve never found nor will find
It’s memories that your picture freed for me to see

Finding your picture is torturing me
I know not what to do, for you’re no longer around
If only I knew where you might be
I’d love to tell you how I feel and shout it out loud

But so much time has passed since I’ve been with you
Our life paths have no doubt changed from who we were
It’s therefore best to forget and not to pursue
The memories which my heartstrings stir

So many years have passed, you could be dead
Or be married to who stole you from me
Finding your picture has renewed thoughts that I dread
For it’s over, it will never be you and me.