Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas

THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC books (Barnyard Gas, “CS” [TOXIC] GAS, Elevator Gas, High Octane Gas, Laughing Gas, Legal Gas, Natural Gas, Nerve Gas, and Conflatulations to You) are the result of many years of practicing “ Psycho Fartology.” Dr. Wolfgang (German for the Latin Canis Lupis) has skillfully harnessed this science to produce these quirky, outrageously ridiculous passports for good mental health. They are guaranteed to be a cure for boredom, for killing time, and for expressing a thought not otherwise kosher or ethical.

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He Was Hitting on Her Friends

A Sample Poem from THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC Book, “LAUGHING GAS” by Dr. Wolfgang…

No sooner had the divorce been done
When he started hitting on all her friends
He used all his charms and promised them fun
And lied about having with his ex made amends

He gave the image of being smooth and cool
And having the blessings of his ex
He used such lines to deceive and fool
His object was self gratification and sex

But her friends knew better and revealed his try
And related how they reject his advance
They laughed as they told how he act and lie
And how they made him sweat and dance

He was the fool who couldn’t find love on his own
Because of betrayal he was rejected by his ex
While her girlfriend warned to leave them alone
Stupidity is what deprived him of sex.