Nerve Gas

Nerve Gas

Nerve Gas

THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC books (Barnyard Gas, “CS” [TOXIC] GAS, Elevator Gas, High Octane Gas, Laughing Gas, Legal Gas, Natural Gas, Nerve Gas, and Conflatulations to You) are the result of many years of practicing “ Psycho Fartology.” Dr. Wolfgang (German for the Latin Canis Lupis) has skillfully harnessed this science to produce these quirky, outrageously ridiculous passports for good mental health. They are guaranteed to be a cure for boredom, for killing time, and for expressing a thought not otherwise kosher or ethical.

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The Winter-Summer Guy; Dad for Half the Year

A Sample Poem from THE POETRY OF FART LOGIC Book, “NERVE GAS” by Dr. Wolfgang…

He insisted they share custody
And have the kids every other week
She knew it wouldn’t last, so she let it be
But demanded he use the time that he seek

The kids were a handful at two and five
And didn’t behave as he had thought
They were too unruly and too alive
It caused him to rethink the time he’d sought.

By the winter he started to have doubt
About all the parenting time he’d been given
The kids cramped his life, he said so out loud
He didn’t want his time by kid things be driven

But when summer came reality really hit
He wanted to have fun and time for himself
The kids were too much, he recognized it
It’s what he said when he put parenting on the shelf.

From then on he was ruled by the season
And referred to as the winter-summer guy
His ex and kids had to accept the reason
He wasn’t the kind that could his pleasures deny.