You’re Only as Old as the Woman You Feel

One is only as old as the woman on feel
That’s why he was forced to dump his wife
Being with his old prune made his insides reel
And caused him to see the end of his life

She had gray hair and beaucoup creases
And her pallor appeared dirty and sick
She looked really bad, so his sex drive seizes
They had nothing in common, they didn’t click

Daily he had to look at the old bag
It reminded him of death and old age
She turned his stomach when she talk and nag
Just being around her turned on hate and rage

She acted as if she was ready to die
Which made him feel even older
He had to do something besides to her lie
He had to assert himself and act bolder

They were both sixty, yet she looked eighty-five
He needed out and find a young woman to bed
It was what he had to do to remain alive
He had to divorce to find a new toy to wed

He found a new significant other
She’s forty-five but looks like twenty
She’s not decayed like his look-alike-mother
And there’s juicy, succulent sex, sex a plenty

Nowadays he feels young again and alive
It’s because of the young woman he grope
She’s rejuvenated his life and his sex drive
Once again he has a rod and not a rope

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